8 X 3 X 15 0.6 mil TUF-RÂŽ Std Linear Low Density Gusset Bag/ Ice Bucket Liner 1,000/cs

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Product Details
Bag Width: 8
Bag Gusset: 3
Bag Length: 15
Bag Mil: 0.06
Brand: LK Packaging

Tuf-R® Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) bags provide extra strength and puncture resistance compared to Low Density bags of the same gauge. Because of this, it’s often possible to use a lighter gauge Tuf-R® bag to do the job of a heavier gauge LDPE bag, which saves money and helps to reduce the environmental impact. Tuf-R® bags are made from virgin materials, so they comply with FDA requirements for use in food applications. Gusseted bags feature creased sides that expand to accommodate bulky items. Excellent Bagel or Coffee Roll sized bag.

Great for Ice Bucket Liner applications. Tuf-R® bags can often be used in place of a heavier gauge LDPE bag to save money and reduce environmental impact. Made from seamless tubing with no slits or side seals that can rip. Bags 15” wide and under come in dispenser packs of 100 for cleanliness and convenience. Meet FDA requirements for use in food applications. Cases and inner packs are bar coded and clearly labeled for easy identification.

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