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Why buy from us?  We have been in business manufacturing packaging since 1982. We know the product, we know the specifications.  This is our wholesale distribution site for products that we manufacture and from other manufacturers in order to provide our customers the best selections available.   We are not a publisher who just puts up a website and drop ships from a distributor. We don't supply the lowest priced product, because it has the lowest quality. Quality products means repeat business. We stock and ship within 24 hours of receiving the order. Thank you for reading this, most people do not.

About Us


Bag Manufacturing

We, at Prism Pak, Inc., are the flexible packaging and container experts. We specialize in flexible packaging for every industry including food service, banking, agriculture, chemical and medical.

At Prism Pak, we do a lot more than make bags though. We make the right packaging products for you and your business. Maybe it's because we've been in this business for over 37 years and we know our customer's industries like our own. Maybe it's because we bring the expertise of a manufacturer to the table. Or maybe it's because of our timeless business values. Whatever the reasons, Prism Pak believes that any company can be a supplier, but only a few can be called 'partner'.

Since our earliest days we have worked closely with manufacturers and packers of industrial goods, food, medical equipment, banks, retailers, and government & law enforcement agencies. We know what types of bags work for your industry most of the time. We've used that knowledge to create one of the largest stock packaging programs in the country. 

It doesn't matter if your company is a small family owned bakery, a Municipal police force, or a multinational bank -- whether your name is Citibank, Safeway, or Mom & Pop's Kettle Corn. Whether you're ordering a custom or a stock packaging solution, Prism Pak offers you more than a storehouse of bags and production capabilities. We offer a storehouse of knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the industries we serve. Helping you keep your competitive edge in the marketplace is how we keep our own.