Header Pak® Bags, Time and Labor Saving

LK® Packaging Header Pak® Bags

TIME SAVING, LABOR COST SAVING Header Pak™ bags are ideal for packaging and storing a variety of items from produce to nuts and more. They are constructed from durable Low Density Polyethylene with perforated headers that make them easy to tear off—no scissors needed! Easily fill the bags using one of LK®s Saddle Pack Stands or similar industry-standard stands, then store your packages safely and conveniently at room temperature until ready to use.


TIME Saving, Labor Cost Saving

- Perfect solution for bulk packaging tasks – fill up multiple bags quickly thanks to convenient header perforations that make bag detachment quick and easy!

- Versatile design means these bag are suitable for storing any number of items, from produce to nuts, grain, even hardware components.

- Durable LDPE material ensures safe storage – protects packages at room temperature until ready for use