Ice Baggers and Bags

Ice Bagging Machines can dramatically reduce procurement costs for ice intended for resale at convenience stores, grocers, retailers, and other businesses. Instead of spending money on expensive, pre-bagged ice, use ice bagging machines to quickly and conveniently bag your own ice. Designed for use with these wicketed ice bags (sold separately): H26PWMET (20 lbs), and, with an included adapter, H19PWMET (8 lbs), and H21PWMET (10 lbs)

Wicketed Ice Bags with Plastic Headers are designed for use in conjunction with Ice Bagging Machines to help businesses save money on ice for reselling. Combined with Ice Bagging Machines, these bags can help convenience stores, grocers, caterers, and other businesses reduce ice procurement costs by conveniently bagging their own ice for resale instead of sourcing costly pre-bagged ice. Made from a combination of LDPE and metallocene for added strength and cold-tolerance, these bags are up to the task for carrying heavy loads of ice. All wicketed ice bags are packed on injection-molded plastic headers, are packed 250 bags per header, and contain complimentary twist ties to seal the bags. All sizes of ice bags are designed to fit and dispense from both the large and small Ice Bagging Machines. • Designed for use with Ice Bagging Machines • Printed "Ice" with cool Igloo graphic or unprinted • LDPE material with metallocene additive can withstand cold and heavy ice • Packed on convenient injection-molded plastic headers to fit on Ice Bagging Machines

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