Plan Bags & Blueprint Bags

Prism Pak Plan & Blueprint Bags are great for archiving & shipping!

Water-resistant: no more surprises from water penetrating the bag in shipment.

Self-sealing adhesive flap: our thick 2 mil adhesive is the same used on our deposit bags to secure Federal Reserve Shipments!

Lighter weight:
Plastic Plan bags are less than 1/2 the weight of a comparable paper bag, saving $ and fuel on shipping!

Greater strength:
Made of Super Tuff Co-ex polyethylene, our 2 mil plan bags uses a special plastic blend than makes them twice as strong as out competitor's 3 mil bag, at 33% less weight!

Economically priced:
Our plastic plan bags are 40% cheaper than comparable paper bags.

Plastic blueprint bags require less storage space - only 25% of the storage area that Paper require

plan bag blueprint bag image

To view more details, click on an item below. Need a longer bag than what's listed? Telescope 2 plan bags together to get the fit you need!

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